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04-18 NORML News PodCast – Apr 18, 2008

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Federal Decriminalization Bill Introduced — Bill Would End Federal Authority to Arrest Adults for Pot Possession; Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced by Rep. Ron Paul; NORML To Hold First Annual 4/20 Moneybomb – Organization’s Facebook Supporters Reach 420,000.

04-11 NORML News PodCast – Apr 11, 2008

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MN House of Representatives to Consider Medical Marijuana Bill — Despite Bi-Partisan Support, Governor Indicates He May Veto; RI Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Medical Cannabis Measure; Comedian Doug Benson Offers NORML Supporters Free Screening of “Super High Me”

04-04 NORML News PodCast – Apr 4, 2008

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HIV-Positive Man Wins Acquittal In Texas’ First Cannabis Medical Necessity Defense — NORML Legal Committee Member Leads Defense; Vermont Supreme Court Rules Search Warrant Required for Overflight Surveillance; Los Angeles City Council Tells DEA to Let City Regulate Medical Cannabis Dispensaries; Interview w/ Jeff Blackburn and Tim Stevens.