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07-25 NORML News PodCast – Jul 25, 2008

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Pot Compound Enhances Efficacy Of Anti-Cancer Agents, Study Says; California: Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act Qualifies For November Ballot; New Orleans: District Attorney Charging Minor Pot Offenders With Felonies; Kelly Maddy on Joplin MO Decrim Effort.

07-18 NORML News PodCast – Jul 18, 2008

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Marijuana Extracts Provide Superior Pain Relief Compared To Plant’s Isolated Compounds; Case Study: Inhaled Cannabis Improves Symptoms Of ADHD; ONDCP Insider: Drug Czar’s Office Is “Flying Blind”; Austrian Parliament Approves Medical Marijuana Use.

07-11 NORML News PodCast – Jul 11, 2008

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Massachusetts: Pot Decrim Initiative Qualifies For November Ballot Measure Would Replace Criminal Penalties With A $100 Fine; Congress Moves Forward On Cannabis ‘Candy’ Crackdown; Rhode Island: Governor Vetoes Bill To Study Feasibility Of State-Licensed ‘Compassion Centers’; Hawaii: Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Task Force Measure.

07-04 NORML News PodCast – Jul 4, 2008

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US Leads The World In Illicit Drug Use; US Drug Enforcement Administration ‘Celebrates’ 35 Years Of Failure; Marijuana, Cocaine Have Contrasting Effects On Driving Performance, Study Says; Loretta Nall on AL judge’s son’s special treatment for felony drug charges.