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01-29 NORML News PodCast – Jan 29, 2010

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Federal Agency In Charge Of Marijuana Research Admits Stifling Studies On Medicinal Cannabis, NIDA does “not fund research focused on the potential medical benefits of marijuana”; California: Supreme Court Affirms State’s Pot Possession Limits Are A Floor, Not A Ceiling; Los Angeles City Council Enacts Medical Marijuana Oversight Regulations.

01-22 NORML News PodCast – Jan 22, 2010

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Marijuana Compounds Possess Synergistic Anti-Cancer Effects, Study Says; New Jersey Becomes Fourteenth State To Legalize Medical Marijuana Use; Seattle: City Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession Offenses; New Hampshire: Lawmakers Debate Marijuana Legalization Measure.

01-15 NORML News PodCast – Jan 15, 2010

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California: Lawmakers Cast First Vote In Nearly 100 Years To Repeal Marijuana Prohibition; New Jersey Legislature Authorizes Medical Use Of Marijuana; Washington: Lawmakers Hold First-Ever Hearing On Marijuana Legalization.