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02-26 NORML News PodCast – Feb 26, 2010

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Over 2,500 Subjects Since 2005 Have Used Marijuana-Based Medicines In Controlled Clinical Trials; DC Lawmakers Debate Authorizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries; Vermont: Lawmakers Debate Medical Marijuana Distribution Plan.

02-12 NORML News PodCast – Feb 12, 2010

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CBS Corporation Bars NORML From Advertising On Times Square Billboard; Washington: Senate Lawmakers Expand Medical Marijuana Law; New Hampshire: Committee Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Measure.

02-05 NORML News PodCast – Feb 5, 2010

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Marijuana Use Growing In Popularity Among Older Americans, U.S. Government Study Says Nearly 10 Percent Of Men Age 50 To 54 Now Using Pot; Marijuana Legalization Questions Excluded From YouTube Presidential Forum; Rhode Island: Decriminalizing Marijuana Could Save Nearly One Quarter Of A Million Dollars Annually.