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04-30 NORML News PodCast – Apr 30, 2010

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Oregon: Supreme Court Okays Firing State-Authorized Medi-Pot Users For Off-The-Job Marijuana Use; Florida: Lawmakers Unanimously Pass Law Restricting ‘Paraphernalia’ Sales; Urine Testing Unlikely To Identify Drugged Employees Or Reduce Workplace Accidents, Study Says .

04-23 NORML News PodCast – Apr 23, 2010

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Washington DC: City Council Unanimously Backs Medical Marijuana Dispensary Plan; CBS Polls Finds Majority Of Western Voters, Californians, Back Legalization; NORML Remembers ‘The Hemperor’ Jack Herer

04-09 NORML News PodCast – Apr 9, 2010

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Philadelphia: No More Criminal Records For Minor Pot Offenders, D.A. Says; Washington: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Expansion Measure Into Law; Colorado: City Passes State’s First-Ever Medical Marijuana Sales Tax; Sixth International Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics To Take Place Next Weekend.

04-02 NORML News PodCast – Apr 2, 2010

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California: San Jose Voters Likely To Decide On Marijuana Tax; New York City: Pot Arrests For 2009 Second Highest Total Ever; Register Now For NORML’s Fifth Annual Aspen Legal Seminar — Three-Day Event Takes Place June 10 – 12.